13 SEER Air Conditioner Pros and Cons

During the hot summer months when the heat and humidity are unbearable, having your old model air conditioning unit quit on you can be quite a pain.

Whether it is the condenser or the evaporator that needs to be replaced, or some other part that may cost you a bundle, you will probably be better off buying a new 13 SEER air conditioner.

Old model air conditioners aren’t as efficient or as effective as the newer models in the market today.

The evaporator, which is found inside the unit’s ductwork absorbs the heat from the air circulating in the room and brings it into the refrigerant.

As your unit ages, the evaporator may absorb too much of the heat and start to freeze.

The condenser, which is found in the part of the unit that lies outside of your home, then starts doing only half of its job of squeezing heat out of the unit’s refrigerant and pushing cold air out into the room.

What you will have is a unit that functions poorly and eats up a good portion of energy, sending your electric bills soaring to the high heavens.

With a decrease in energy efficiency and an increase in your energy costs, you won’t be doing yourself any favors with an uncomfortable house, an exorbitant electric bill, and a suffering environment.

Buying a 13 SEER air conditioner with a higher Energy Star rating can solve this problem.

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and it signifies that a brand or model of air conditioning unit meets the HVAC industry practices for energy efficiency.

In the past, people would have their heat pump condensing unit replaced without even verifying whether the part was compatible with their old unit.

The mismatch would result in a condenser that would eventually malfunction due to its incompatibility with the unit’s indoor aid handler.

With the emphasis on energy efficiency and green energy today, many people are purchasing appliances, and particularly 13 SEER air conditioner units to meet these requirements.

SEER units contain heat pump condensing units that are perfectly matched with the accompanying indoor air handlers and the fan coil units.

These parts are invariably rated together with a higher Energy Star rating.

By replacing an impaired older air conditioning system with a 13 SEER air conditioner, you will be saving more energy and reducing your electric bill; thereby giving you more cool air comfort and a lot of savings by the end of each month.